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What Is A LashLift?

It is a chemical process that is used to change the structure of the lashes.



LashLift procedures are good for:


• Clients who are sensitive/allergic to eyelash extension adhesive.


• Clients who cannot commit to proper maintenance and/or hygiene of their eyelash extensions.


• Clients who are very happy with their natural lashes and wish to add a curl (as opposed to length and volume with eyelash extensions).


• Clients who are after low maintenance procedures and prefer the natural look a LashLift gives.



Caring for lifted lashes:


• Don’t get lashes wet for 24 hours as this can weaken the curl.


• Don’t sleep with lashes pressed into the pillow as the shaw can be affected (especially in the first 24 hours).


• Keep lashes conditioned.


• A growth serum can be recommended to keep lashes healthy and to grow them longer if desired.


• If you do not wish to add length and just want to make sure the lashes are glossy and conditioned, then an eyelash conditioner should be used daily on the lashes.


• LashLifts only need to be performed every 6-8 weeks to stay looking great.

$70 Per Service

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