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The Rezenerate facials create a unique cosmetic solution to skin care by delivering nutrients to your skin efficiently without any pain or discomfort. 


Revolutionary silicon chip with microscopic, high-grade silicon nano-pyramids atop the Rezenerate Wand gives you the best facial results available today!


Side effects:

Getting mistaken for sisters when out with your daughter...

Frequent unwanted advances from the opposite sex...

The Rezenerate difference:

• A pain free cosmetic alternative to harsh treatments/ procedures on the market.

• Ultra-safe, Natural healing.

• Inexpensive alternative with similar results to costly treatments/procedures.

• Little down time.

•​ No cross contamination (Rezenerate Chips are single use only).

• Amazing absorption rates for nutrient delivery to the skin.


Packages of Pails are recommended for acting results and improvements.


Rezenerate Facial: $165

Series of 3 - $420

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