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LED Mask

What Does Light Therapy Do?
  •  Increases circulation

  •  Stimulates the production of collagen

  •  Helps to heal wounds

  •  Protects healthy skin

  •  Useful in skin rejuvenation

  •  Increases RNA and DNA synthesis

  •  Kills bacteria that causes acne

  •  Increases moisture retention

  •  Firms skin

  •  Increases oxygenation


LED LIGHT - encourages collagen and elastin regeneration by stimulation fibroblast activity in the skin (increased fibroblast activity is responsible for collagen formation and a tighter, younger looking complexion). It also helps to increase blood and oxygen flow to the skin and capillaries, therefore increasing cellular metabolism and strengthening the capillary walls. It's fantastic for Anti-aging treatments because of its tightening benefits. The RED light is also an excellent treatment for scarring, post-inflammatory (surgeries), and inflammatory conditions in every type of skin condition, acne, hyper-pigmentation and rosacea.




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